smoked mackerel pate

Probably the easiest recipe in the world is the Smoked Mackerel pâté that my mum always used to make when I was a kid. Its a great use of the Smoked Mackerel that I intend to home smoke and simply delicious you are likely to become addicted. 

The recipe below is only a rough guide and can really be adapted to include whatever flavours you like.
One whole smoked mackerel (two fillets skins removed)
150g cream cheese
Optional flavours:
A teaspoon of horseradish sauce or a little grated fresh horseradish
A squeeze of lemon juice
Ground pepper
No salt is needed as smoked mackerel is naturally salty.
All the ingredients are simply chucked into a food processor and blended.  Use the pulse option and blend to the consistency you like,  personally I like it relatively course with lots of horseradish.
Transfer to a suitable serving bowl or plastic container and chill in the fridge for around an hour to set before serving with crackers, bread or crudités.  If you’ve not had smoked mackerel pâté before trust me, you will be hooked

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