bacon and eggs

So what to make with your home cured bacon?  Mine has been hanging for just over a week having been cured for 5 days and smoked for 10 hours.  The whole kitchen has had a smokey bacon smell, not unlike bacon wheat chrunchies, I love it, my wife – not so much.

Although it’s Sunday lunchtime it is a miserable wet Sunday,  The British breakfast classic of bacon and eggs is calling.


The bacon cooked and crisped up like none you can buy from a supermarket, indeed even good butchers bacon tends to leach some water. None at all, just a little fat.

The taste was incredible, a really strong umami hit of salty piginess. You don’t need a lot to satiate you.  Without a doubt this is the best bacon I have ever eaten.  Make this at home, you won’t regret it!

see other catogories in tabs for the cure and method of making the bacon.

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