soft ‘granary’ batch rolls

photo 1

In the sourdough, crusty baguette world that we live in, sometimes you need a simple soft roll as a vessel for a sausage, some ham, or a hunk of cheese with pickle.  These are perfect for that.

Granary is actually a trademark of Hovis and refers to ‘wholemeal flour that contains malted wheat.

  • 800g strong white bread flour
  • 300g malted grain (granary) or wholemeal flour
  • 30g cornflour (helps to create a lighter crumb and softer bread)
  • 700ml warm water (body temp ish)
  • 100ml of whole milk
  • 75g butter
  • 20g salt
  • 30g caster sugar
  • 10g of fast action yeast

Melt the butter and add to the liquid ingredients along with the yeast.  Mix.  Allow to sit for 10 minutes to activate the yeast, you may see it starting to foam.  Place all other ingredients in a large mixing bowl and briefly combine before adding the liquid.  Use a spatula to combine into a rough dough before turning out onto a clean surface and kneading for 5 minutes.  You should notice it starting to become more elastic before the strands break, this is the gluten.  Leave to rest in a covered bowl for 30-45 minutes, it should double in size.  repeat this process again so you have done 2 kneads and two ‘proves’.

Once doubled in size for the second time, turn out on to a floured surface and divide into 18 equal sized pieces.  Roll these into balls and place on a floured baking tray (you will probably need 2) so there is roughly 3 cm gap between each.  Dust the tops with flour,  cover with a tea towel and leave to rise once more.  At this point turn on your oven to 200 degrees.  After 30-45 minutes the rolls will have spread and risen again and possibly be touching each other now.  This is as it should be, its really one large tearing loaf.  Bake for 20 minutes until done.

Eat fresh from the oven with butter or allow to cool and serve with some good soup or use for sandwiches.

These freeze very well if left to cool and stored in a plastic freezer bag.  Bake from frozen for 15 minutes at 160 to refresh.

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